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Kimberly Anne Interiors


Kimberly Anne Interiors is a boutique residential design firm based in Frisco, Texas. We believe that your home should be meaningful and enjoyed, always reflecting the client’s personality and aesthetic. We specialize in creating polished, chic interiors that convey timeless elegance while sticking to the ever-so-important budget. We welcome all projects, big and small, from new build design consultations or remodels to just putting the finishing touches on a room that’s ‘not-quite-there’. Our clients offer as little or as much involvement as desired. Our number one goal is to provide our clients with living spaces that truly reflect who they are and how they live.


Kimberly Sefton | Principal Designer


Kimberly’s interest in design began at a very young age. Instead of playing doctor or school teacher, she fantasized that she ran her very own design firm. She would pour over her mother’s design magazines and draw sketches of interiors. She loved shopping for home décor with her mother and always looked forward to helping her out with design projects over the summer. Redecorating her room was also a favorite girlhood pastime, particularly moving the furniture around for better feng shui, much to her father’s chagrin. For the past ten years, she has steadily developed her skills and aesthetic in the industry. Collaborating with architects, contractors and craftsmen, Kimberly is well-versed in the management of every aspect of a project from initial conception to completion.  She has a bachelor’s degree from Southern Methodist University and also studied at Oxford University. She appreciates and cultivates beauty, not only in the design industry, but in other aspects of her life as well. The arts, yoga and cooking are a few of her passions.

Kimberly Sefton Principal Interior Designer
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